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Manufacturers in all industries often need capital to pay for their WIP and COGS. BNL’s PO financing and lines of credit options are an ideal solution for manufacturers looking for capital to fund various costs associated with expansion. Specifically, our funds can be utilized to pay for labor, logistics and materials needed for the production of goods.


The healthcare industry is increasingly complex and requires flexible solutions to counterbalance and capitalize on the endless opportunities and challenges. BNL’s lines of credit are a common solution for facilities looking to add equipment or new construction, physician groups expanding to gain market share, consulting firms looking to take on additional contractors for large projects or even pharmaceutical companies looking to execute their business plans.


The agriculture/farming industry is a capital intense industry requiring significant upfront investments for future returns on production. In addition, operators often need capital for purchase or leasing of equipment, leasing/purchasing land or floating the expenses of labor, fertilizer or feed. BNL’s lines of credit provide an ideal option to operators in this space when traditional avenues aren’t available.


Companies in the defense industry often have incredible concepts that save lives or provide force-multiplying advantages to strategists on the battlefield. These projects regularly require heavy investments in R&D, engineering, building prototypes and labor/material costs. Furthermore, many projects in this sector come with the risk of limited or no return and present a unique set of risks. In addition, companies of various sizes throughout the industry often win large contracts with local or federal entities and require capital to fulfill their orders. BNL’s ability to assess the industry risk and issue lines of credit for these unique challenges gives companies the “ammunition” and comfort to pursue their concepts and take them to market.


The entertainment industry is laden with distinct abstract evaluations, risks and opportunities all grouped into one. Parties throughout the entire industry, ranging from large production houses to independents, all need access to large sums of upfront capital to bring their concepts to reality in hopes of future payoff. Understanding the risks and rewards associated with this industry is as artistic as the projects themselves. BNL is comfortable and experienced in the industry to provide lines of credit to projects with an acceptable executive team in place capable of managing and producing the project.


The Tech industry is made of fast pace innovation and out-of-the box thinking. To fuel the industry, it requires financing equally as flexible and creative. BNL understands the industry at its roots ranging from software design, networking breakthroughs or world changing hardware. To support the industry BNL will structure lines of credit up to the task of innovators in need of R&D, funding a sales force and marketing department, infrastructure expansion, contracting coders and various other uses.


Importers/exporters are always in need of capital to take control of products so they can resell them. BNL’s lines of credit and loans against financial instruments are ideal for providing companies with the capital they need to take title of products for resale all around the world. Our funds allow companies to protect their supplier’s identity and resell the products without fear of getting bypassed in the process.

Real Estate

Real estate offers a diverse range of opportunities and capital needs for operators is numerous niches throughout the industry. BNL’s draw based loans and lines of credit both offer the flexibility that land developers, builders and commercial investors/flippers all need to take control of the property and complete their projects. Unlike traditional hard money loans, our cost of capital allows our clients to maintain healthy margins or structure a deal that otherwise may be too thin to execute.


Lenders are always looking for additional, more flexible or less expensive money to mark up and lend back out to deserving clients. BNL’s line of credit is the perfect fit for lenders in various industries with strong track records and a sound grasp on underwriting. BNL can act as the gas for lenders looking to expand their current capacity or change their loan offerings. BNL has years of experience in providing debt and underwriting the associated risks. BNL is uniquely equipped with its line of credit to work with lenders on structuring programs that benefit all parties involved.

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